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Meet the Practitioner

Vinod Kumar FRSPH, MBRCP

I am born and brought up in a Medical & Alternative Medicines environment, as my father is an medical pharmacist and later he had grew an interest in many forms of therapies, homeopathy, Herbalism and Ayurveda. He practicing since 40 yrs. My guru/mentor was a renowned homeopath and author of medical books. First I wanted to become a medical doctor but my father motivated me to become an Alternative practitioner and I researched for most of the alternative therapies and have studied many varying forms, but have always felt disappointed by results, or had a feeling of incompleteness. My father introduced me to Spagyric Therapy (better known as Electro Homeopathy) when I least expected it.  

My passion first started when I had seen a patient (through my father) who was bleeding from his nose and he was in the state of half unconsciousness then one drop of spagyric medicines (German Blue Essence) given externally into the nose, miraculously medicines instantly worked and stopped his bleeding from the nose and regained his full consciousness within a minute. Later my interest elaborated when I successfully treated my Mother when she suffered from severe backache and no other medicines are helpful and she tried spagyric medicines. 

Spagyric Medicines differs from other forms of alternative therapies, its theories, fundamental principles and original foundations are unique. Suddenly I found a form of    treatment, which answered all of my questions. What excited me at first was the fact that all of the remedies are made from 100% non-toxic plant material.  [There are no animal and mineral extracts used in any of the medicines]. The remedies are made to treat the whole person and root of the illnesses, not just the symptoms. The medicines are created in a unique way to ensure that the energy, [compare to Electricity] from the plant is retained within the remedies. This cosmic energy is very powerful which is giving rapid healing results; this process is combined and covers all of the criteria which I felt was most needed for me and I had found a true form of combination for healing which is required in this hectic and demanding world we live in today.


I have studied in in New Delhi, India, 12th standard with science subject, then further studies in electro homeopathy in India. During my study time, I have come to know the renowned genius expert of electro homeopathy Dr. satya Paul (in my view the second of Count Mattei) who  taught me personally for 2 yearsl, who always had been keen to send me abroad especially in Germany to see the oldest spagyric pharmacy to gain the latest study. Soon he introduced me in Europe and the his dream come true and I came to UK in 1998 and then moved to Munich German in 1999 where I have learnt the art of real spagyric therapy with the oldest pharmacy on spagyric which still exists till today.  Later I had returned back to UK in 2000 and did further study of 3 years in homeopathy course at local MNT College.

In 2006 when my wife was pregnant with our second child despite our doctor at the hospital who was willing to do caesarean operation quickly but on my request he allowed me to give spagyric medicines to my pregnant wife and within a few minutes she had gave birth naturally to our beautiful lovely daughter. This becomes the local news for the media. Then I had decided to open our very first spagyric homeopathic centre in Foleshill in the city of Coventry, soon after almighty God blessed me to gain popularity in my chosen Profession. (READ THE FULL NEWS)

I am teaching and practising the spagyric therapy since the last 22 years. I have written 4 books on spagyric therapy in UK. I had setup UK’s first spagyric official body in 2007, where we researched and developed the system at a very advanced level and were keen to promote this unique system at a medical level. I have taught the subject at various educational, training and public venues in UK and at an internationally level including, Germany, France, Canada, USA, Italy and India.

Professional Bodies

Member of BRCP UK

Member of CMA UK

Insured with Balens UK

Qualified Tutor at MNT College


·         International Homeopath Golden Award 2013

·            Lord Mayor Coventry 2002, 2003, 2014

·            Re-established Spagyric system Award 2009

·         Ph. D awarded in 2012

·         Noble Person Honour Award 2013

·         Outstanding Contribution in complementary medicines Award 2014

·             Fellowship Award Royal Society Public Health 2014

.             Nominate in British Asian Acheivers Award, London, met Hinduja Brother who me given best wishes. 


·         Interviewed national channel DD Metro, MTV, and ZEE TV, in UK

·         Best wishes letter from Prince of Wales

·         Honour to Meet UK prime Minster Mr. David Cameron, who also signed my first book on the subject.

·         Pleasure to meet UK Health Minister Mr. Jeremy Hunt and discuss the homeopathy status in UK.


I continue to contribute the community by doing some charity work through NOBLE SOCIETY UK, its main aim to promote welfare of the whole world i.e. physical, mental spiritual awareness and social welfare of all living being. 

·         Organised spagyric camps worldwide

·         Sponsor  a child to get education  

·         Workshops on Yoga and meditation                

·         Support to chosen career in Alternative medicine sector