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About Us

Natures Remedies is a full service naturopathic and homeopathic centre located in Foleshill Road, Coventry.  From digestive and skin problems to chronic pain and fatigue and everything in between, whatever your concern happens to be, we can help.  Here’s how:

We treat health condition, and provide preventative care programs for improving your health, slowing age-related changes, balancing your immune system, eliminating inflammation, managing health risks associated with conditions common in your family, and stress reduction.

We are licensed practitioners.  We have expertise with all the natural remedies and treatments you might need: spagyric therapy, electro homeopathic medicine, spagyric cosmetic, clinical nutrition, yoga therapy and massage therapy, and more.   

Our services offer great value as an investment in your good health.  We encourage you to learn more before beginning this very personal journey. You are welcome to book a free 20 minute introductory visit to share your interests or concerns and discuss how we would approach your care.